Sunday, August 29, 2010

Badger Creek Trail Backpacking Trip 2010

Our second backpacking trip of the season (I'm out of order, I know, but my brain just works that way) was at Badger Creek, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Hood. The hike to the first camp site was just a couple miles in, along the beautiful creek. Our campsite was gigantic and shady, with the cool soothing sounds of the creek rushing by. The boys enjoyed throwing rocks in the creek. They could do this all day. It baffles me how entertaining this is, but I'm not complaining.
We didn't see any badgers, but we did see Bear Scratches! on a tree! The scratches were down the trail a bit. Dan spotted them on day two, when we were out exploring. On day three, on the way out, we spotted a bear paw print too! So, black bears are around, but they didn't bother us.