Monday, December 26, 2005

happy days

I could write a book about all the emotions and experiences of the last week, but I'm pretty exhausted, so I won't. Having Halen join our family is the greatest adventure I've ever experienced, and I've been on a few pretty great adventures. His first Christmas was fun. He looked adorable in his little red Christmas outfit. We got a guitar so we can play lullabys for him.
Dan is the best dad in the world. When I see them together, I get so happy and teary.
well, i just wanted to say hi. i could go into details about the birth and stitches and all that, but some people might not want to hear all that stuff. it all doesn't matter as soon as it's over anyway. i'd do it again any day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The First Few Days

Well things have been going pretty smoothly, hahahaha. Not too bad but the world has kinda been turned on its side, not all the way upside down. Halen still has Jaundice. He looks like he is getting better today. We have to go back to the doctor for the third day in a row since we left the hospital. They keep poking holes in the bottom of his feet for blood samples and it is very sad to watch. Christy has to wake up every two hours to nurse him and now i have to wake up when she is done to supplement with a little soy formula. The next time you see us we will probably look about as bad as you have ever seen us, but we wil still be glowing. I have always wanted to be a dad and it has been better than I had hoped. I am absolutely in love with the little booger and have been since the moment i pulled him, with a little help, out of Christy. Aunt Melanie has been in town for a few days now and has been a huge help which is nice cause Im out of it most of the time.

Halen other than being slightly sick has been perfect. He only cries when we make him so he will eat more or when we change him.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Home Again

After 3 long days at the hospital we are finally back home +1. His name is Halen Hawkins Harrison and we couldnt be happier.
9lbs. 13oz. 22" . More later. Too tired.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i might be in labor

It's 11pm on the 16th, did anyone guess the 17th?

Not a werewolf

Well, the full moon didn't draw him out. I've always been terrified of werewolves anyway, so that's okay by me I guess. Maybe today??? Maybe he wants to come out when the sun is shining and it's not the crappiest weather ever outside! Just like his daddy, rainy weather calls for staying inside and cozy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I hope my babies head is proportioned like this.

Is that my water...?

...or did I just piss myself again? My bladder is in serious turmoil these days. She'll be the happiest organ in there when this is all over with.
Monday, as I was walking around Target, I got a surge of wet that completely soaked my panties. I thought for sure my water had broke. So, I headed for the door and came home. I called Dan and nonchalantly told him that my water may have broken, but since I've never broken water before, I wasn't sure. We decided to just wait until my midwife appointment and see what she said, unless other symptoms starting progressing. He came home from work early to take me to my appointment, and we packed our hospital bags in the car, just in case. She did a full exam and several tests, but there no sign of amniotic fluid. My cervix was dialated a "real good 1 cm." The baby was +3 cm, which means she could feel his little head 3 cm. up from my cervical opening. She could feel him! He's really in there! I can be dilated like that for days before labor starts though, so don't get too excited. Anyway, she said that after the plug is gone and the cervix is dialating, there is just lots of discharge, some spurts wetter than others. So, that's probably what it was. I'm just wearing pads these days and waiting for that real water to break, if it does. Sometimes they have to break it for you. So, it's not always the first sign. At this point, I think I'm going into labor about every 5 minutes. I have lots of contractions, but they're all just the practice ones. My aunt gets here today, so I'll be more mentally ready. Maybe that's what we've been waiting for. After she gets here, I think I'll eat some spicy food while getting a foot massage. I think I'll do a 'natural labor inducing' google lookup right now and add a few more things to that list.
Oh, and in case you don't know. We can have visitors at the hospital. We'll be at Northside Women's Center, in the labor and delivery area. I'm not positive what the visiting hours are, but they're something like 8-8, so it's a broad time frame. I may or may not be seeing people directly after the birth. No matter what time it is, people are allowed into the actual birthing room after the baby comes, but only if we're ready. We'll only be in there a couple of hours after he's born, then we move to the regular rooms with regular hours. The first thing we'll do after the birth is try the whole breastfeeding thing. After that, we'll let people come in, if there's still time and I'm not too exhausted. It might be easier for people to get in at this point if they have chocolate with them. Just a thought. Also, we still love you if you're sick, but please don't visit us until you're all better. Our baby will be tough as nails of course, but we'd rather not take the risk.
Okay, this momma is gona try to go back to bed. Some nights I sleep great and others I lay there convinced that it's 200 degrees in the house and I can't understand why we're all not spontaneously combusting.

Monday, December 12, 2005

still no baby

I've got a midwife appointment today at 2:00! We'll discuss the mucus plug and see if I'm dilated. I'll let you know. I am so ready, but I'm also holding out for my aunt to get here on Wednesday. She's my support in case Dan faints.
I talked to a woman yesterday at the Indie Craft Experience who just had a baby two months ago. She had a homebirth in Asheville, au naturale. I wish I could have a home birth. Damn Georgia laws! She said it's illegal in N.C. too, but she found a midwife who would do it. Anyway, it's so wonderful to talk to women who have recently given birth. She was very encouraging. I'm actually really looking forward to this experience, pain and all. Bring it on baby, Momma's ready!

Friday, December 09, 2005

This just happened

I remembered our birth class teacher talking about this, so I googled it and found it under a health reports "first signs of labor." I haven't had any contractions today, so it could still be awhile. It's just neat that these things are really happening.

"Bloody show: Loss of mucus plug

During pregnancy, a thick plug of mucus blocks the cervical opening to prevent bacteria from entering the uterus. When your cervix begins to thin and open, this plug may be discharged. You may notice stringy mucus or a thick discharge. It's typically brown and sometimes tinged with blood.

Losing the mucus plug is a sign that labor may begin soon, but it's not a guarantee. Labor may still be a week or more away."

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am so ready to just burst right open. Only 12 more days till D-day! Yahoo! The 15th is the full moon, so it's possible I'll go a little early, in order to be inline with the lunar schedule. My body has been known to follow the moon cycle.
Well, some people have actually asked me what they should get the little bugger for Christmas. He's not even born yet, calm down. He won't remember, take advantage! In 3 years he'll be asking everyone he knows for remote control cars and shit. Anyway, I went ahead and registered for some organic cloth diapers and a couple of other things at It's an all vegan online family store. There's lots of cool stuff (toys without batteries are nice) on there that I didn't register for, if you like to pick stuff out for yourself. Diapers aren't lots of fun, but certainly practical. If you do want to get him something, type in shipfree1205 in the coupon code box for free shipping in December. I only registered for 4 terry cloth diapers, but we really need about 12, so you can go over the limit on those things. I just thought that would get us started.
Well, I'm outta here. I have to go get busy at some more laying around. I'm at the point where I'd prefer to be standing or lying. Sitting is getting a little cramped.
Big huge momma

Monday, December 05, 2005

rain rain go away

Momma is going stir crazy, couped up inside during all this nasty weather. I feel cramped and gross. I need my dog walks. I had a bunch of 'practice contractions' last night. we got a little ansy for a little while. Dan started packing my hospital bags that i never finished. then i just went to sleep instead. no baby. i had a midwife appointment this morning and she said that they are going to be coming stronger and more regularly all the way up until they're the real deal and I can set my watch by them. Let's hope that day comes soon. Well, as much as I want to have him, I also want to wait for my aunt and she doesn't get here till the 14th. Then, it's on, baby having time!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

quack quack!

I'm detecting a slight waddle in my walk and it's getting harder and harder to fight it as the day goes on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, today is the day. I'm 37 weeks, a.k.a TERM! That means that our little biscuit is all done, he's just hanging out in the warming drawer till he's good and ready to come out and grace us with his presence. Get your bets in to Lisa, cause the time is now baby, the time is now! Oh, and I'd appreciate it if the guesses are 9 pounds or less! Don't encourage him. Momma's going about this au naturale. Thanks.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving weekend

We've had a good ole Thanksgiving weekend so far. We had some excellent grub at Lisa's mom's for 'don't kill that turkey' day. All that good food got us ready for our big hike. We left Friday morning to go to Providence Canyon State Park. It took a little longer to get there than expected, due to my inability to pay attention to details like highway splits. We got there nonetheless and set out on our trip. The hike starts out behind the ranger station/interpretive center, going down to a creek bed. Then you actually hike for about 2 miles in the creek bed. It was just a trickle of water, that actually didn't smell too good. After that, we climbed a hill, slowly for pregnant mommas, and found our campsite. We set up our fancy schmancy tent that we hadn't used yet and built a fire. It got chilly, but it felt great next to the fire and later in our sleeping bags. We then got to use our fancy schmancy stove, that we haven't used yet, to cook up some Katmandu Kurry by 'backpackers pantry'. For freeze-dried camp food, it was pretty durn good, with lentils, rice, potatos, and other veggies. Bruce dined on some of the local nuts and the food that he carried in himself in his own new backpack. We told a couple of stories by the fire and then went to bed. We all seemed to take turns sleeping and snoring. Bruce was on guard constantly listening for critters outside, which was usually just the wind. After a full night of semi-restful intermittent sleep, it was nice to get up with the sun and cook some backcountry oatmeal. That stuff was GREAT. Dan, being a man, had to get the fire burning again. You can't spend any waking time at a camp site without a fire going. duh! It's true though, even I, who has never been a man, agrees. We then packed up camp and where on the trail again by 9am. We had between 3-4 miles of trail to go today to get back around the loop to the interpretive center. Bruce led the way. There where some beautiful canyons on the latter part of the trail, with crazy colors. The fall leaves on the trees added to all the beauty. It felt so good to get out of the city and walk in the woods for a couple of days. It's been too long. We're determined to go more often, especially when we have our little munchkin. Now we're all home and just chillin. I think Bruce is going to sleep for at least 2 days. I might just join him.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

9 Days Until Term


Thursday, November 17, 2005


I am 12 days away from being "term." The due date is always set at 40 weeks, but they say that the baby is fully developed and ready to come out any time after 37! I'm all the sudden frantic about getting stuff done. I am reading 'anything related to baby' books, researching pediatricians, scheduling hospital tours, buying baby stuff, buying nursing bras, cuddling Bruce to death, and not sleeping at all. I'm pretty exhausted these days. I just want to lay around and have my feet rubbed. All the swelling that was happening in my ankles and feet is gone. I think my body was still recouperating (sp?) from all that dehydration of being sick.
So, are we gona do this betting pool or what? I think it would be fun. Who wants to keep track of the bets? Is there going to be a fee and the winner wins the money, or a prize bought with the money? What do you guys want to do? I think there should just be bets on how long he is and what he'll weigh. Everything else gets too complicated, like if we do hair color and then he's completely bald. I get guesses all the time from strangers on how big he'll be. The bigger I get, the more people want to talk to me about it. They're usually crazy too. Yesterday, I got accosted by a crazy toothless woman who has 11 children! Her oldest is 20, her youngest is 1. She also has a grandchild by the 20 year old, who is 1. So, she's still making babies when hers are having them! Somebody stop her! The guesses people make range from 5 lbs. to 10 lbs., so no one seems to have a real clue. I'm going to get a guess from my midwife next Monday, but I'm keeping it to myself. I figure she'd have the best guess of anyone.
Well, I just wanted to say hi. No pictures today. I'll get some more up soon.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh no!

Well, I just found out that my little baby boy should be around 20 inches long and 5 lbs. heavy. The scary thing is that his testicles are making their way down to his scrotum around now. My uncle just sent me an email saying that he's going to protest all that vegan food and take him to Hooters for some wings. I informed him of the beating they would both be getting if that ever happens! We're gona have our hands full, that's for sure.
I've gathered everything that I think I will need to bring with me to the hospital for me and baby. I'll be packing those bags in the next couple of days. Lots of people have been volunteering help now and when the baby comes, but I really don't need anything yet. Well, I finally figured out something that people can do. After the baby is born, I'm not going to want to be up and about in the kitchen, nor am I going to be able to go out to eat. If anyone wants to make us some yummy vegan casseroles to freeze and heat up in those first few weeks, that would be awesome. Me and baby will need lots of healthy veggies and protein. I don't want to sound snooty, but we're trying to be mostly organic with the little bugger too, so that means that momma's gotta eat mostly organic. So, if this sounds like fun to anyone, we'd be much obliged.
I can't believe my baby has testicles! Oh dear.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

oh dear!

Well, we had a bit of a scare yesterday. Friday night, I started puking my brains out. I continued puking and pooping yucky stuff (I could go into some nasty details here, but I'll spare you) all night long. I wasn't able to drink water or anything, because I would just have to go right back into the bathroom. I was so thirsty and so dehydrated by Saturday morning that I had a 100.5 fever and was having contractions. Dehydration can bring on early labor and I was DEHYDRATED, with a capital d-e-h-y-d-r-a-t-e-d! So we went to the hospital. They hooked me up the monitors and my contractions where only 4 minutes apart and pretty durn strong! That's right about where I should be when I'm starting active labor. Oh, and by the way, those buggers hurt. My stomach muscles are still sore. So they started an IV to hydrate me and gave me some anti-nausea stuff, which made me act a little loopy for awhile, but then put me to sleep. Poor Dan didn't know what to do when I was freaking out. They kept having to re-adjust the monitors because I couldn't stay still. I would just have to flail my arms and legs a bit every couple of minutes. 2 IV bags of fluid later, mine and the babies blood pressure where still up and the fever wouldn't break, but the contractions had slowed down. Oh, and I was done with the puking part, which was nice. They where going to let me go home, but changed their minds. More IV fluid, tylenol, and sleep finally broke the fever and the blood pressure. After about 10 hours, we got to go. I continued to have a few more randomly spaced contractions after we left, but they're gone now. I slept really good last night and I'm about to get back in that bed and sleep some more. I had to get up and eat and drink a little bit. It's nice to be able to eat again. It all happened so fast, we didn't really have time to tell anyone what was going on. So, I thought I'd fill everyone in here before you hear it somewhere else and don't know what was wrong. We're all fine, no premature baby, and he's moving around like normal. He was going a little crazy during all those contractions.
Well, I hope no one else catches this bug. It was terrible. I got it from my niece and nephew. I knew I shouldn't be hanging out with them cleaning up their puke, but that's my job. Okay, back to bed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Haha. This picture is funny. My belly looks crazy! We had fun hiking. The dogs are pooped! So are we.

33 weeks

It's November 1st! That means that NEXT MONTH!!, I'll be a mommy and Dan will be a daddy. Whoopi. I may have trouble bending over to tie my shoes (Dan did it for me this morning), but I can still get my big butt over my head into a handstand. It's a totally different balancing game with that belly, but it's actually kinda easier.
I have poison ivy. I think the dogs brought it in and rubbed it on everything cause Cassie has it too. It really sucks. It's not harmful for the baby unless it gets in my bloodstream, so I'm washing like crazy and no scratching!
My dad sent us a stethoscope so we could listen to the baby better. It's pretty fun. It's easy to hear him swishing around in there, but takes a bit of searching to get that little heartbeat.
I recently spent $100 on a new pair of fancy orthopedically correct shoes and it has done wonders for my sore back. Now if that little guy would quit playing with my bladder, ribs, and liver, i'd be totally comfortable. Ha, I wish! Dan and I are about to go hiking today, so I guess I really do feel all right. It could be worse. I could have swollen balloon legs and arms.

Monday, October 24, 2005

32 weeks

Only 8 more weeks till my due date! I had a midwife appointment this morning and heard the little heart beat. He's still going strong. When she asked me if I've been feeling him move, he gave two good knocks on my belly that she could see, to answer for himself. Oh boy, he's already independent. I weighed in this morning at a whopping 175! Holy Moly, I never thought I'd weigh that much. That's 25 pounds heavier than I've ever weighed and 35 pounds more than when I got started with this special little project. I hopefully won't catch up to Dan's 185. I'm getting pretty close though! I did some prenatal pilates with my niece today, to get the blood pumping a little. It's pretty fun to do prenatal pilates with a 4 year old. of course, she was doing everything better than me and made sure to let me know.
Daddy's getting a new tattoo right now. Mommy can't get them while pregnant, but I plan on getting his name on my arm once he's born. Halen is still the top name in the running, but not definete.
I'll post another picture soon. We recently ordered a new computer which should be arriving shortly. After that, I probably won't be able to get a word out of Dan as he zombies out in front of his new toy. Maybe it'll be good for the blog though, because he'll want to post something finally!
Till next time,

Monday, October 10, 2005


Well Christy had her baby shower yesterday and we got tons of very cool very cute and soon to be very useful stuff. I haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry. Christy has been doing great although I think the weight of the baby is starting to really pull on her back so I get to do lots of back rubs. Probably not enough though. The day is rapidly approaching when the little monster is due and I really cant wait. So many things to think about and so much wonder. You should ask me about it sometime.

Friday, October 07, 2005

week 30

well, i don't know if that picture worked or not. we'll see. it's a few weeks old and already my belly has grown more. between my last two appointments, 4 weeks time, i gained 10 whole pounds. whoe momma! the babe and I have completed and passed all of our tests determining whether he's gona be a healthy baby or not. now we just wait. the shower is this weekend. i'm excited. i've got some house cleaning to do though. there will be yummy snacks and even two kinds of cake. mmmm mmmm good. the baby likes cake!
the little monster is moving like crazy. he should be weighing in around 3 pounds by now. i think he's more. he's got my entire belly wobbling around and poking out in weird angles when he moves. sometimes i think he grabs my ribs and shakes them. it's a strange feeling.
like always, i'll try to post more frequently, but probably won't. i think ole daddy needs to get on here and post something about how he's feeling about all this. get to it daddy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

eyes wide open

Well, our little baby boy is supposed to be opening his eyes about now. He should weigh close to 2 pounds, which is not good news to me since I've already put on 20lbs. Dan can now hear his heart beating by just putting his ear up to my beachball of a belly. I'm growing so fast that my belly button is almost gone. It's getting harder and harder to get up off the couch. Grunting seems to help. Sorry it's been so long since we've posted anything. We'll put another picture of my belly on here soon and I'll try to be better about posting the weird fetus facts.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lord help me!

Now I have Dan, Bruce, and mini Dan to take care of. HELP! I'm being overrun by testosterone. I think I'll paint all the walls in the new house different shades of pink to try to counteract the takeover.
Just Kidding. I'm excited. I won't be trading the little booger in. It was pretty amazing to watch him move around in there. He even kicked the ultrasound thingy 3 times right in a row. He wanted to know what the heck that thing was that was interupting his beauty sleep. Silly boy.
gotta go. I'm at work and I have a couple of rowdy kids who need tending to.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Here She Is

Originally uploaded by dandretti.
In all her four and a half month glory. I sure do love her and that little booger.

Here He Is

Originally uploaded by dandretti.
All 13 ounces of him. This is really exciting news. I can't even describe to you how it felt when i saw his little heart beating at 145 bpm. Now we have to come up with a name.

It's A Boy!

Pictures soon, having some trouble with the scanner.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Yesterday I rode my bike for the first time in forever. It was actually cool enough to go outside for a little while. My tolerance for heat has gone way down during this pregnancy. If I could get an A.C. installed on my bike, I'd ride it more often. It felt so good. I really hate cars. Dan and I are quite opposite on that front. The baby enjoyed the ride, she (this is just my way of not saying 'it', we don't really know yet) was kicking like crazy. It felt really weird on the bike. I think I need a cruiser if I'm gona ride much more cause my belly is gona get in the way. Things where definetely a bit cramped feeling.
On another note, we're getting closer and closer to getting our house. We close August 19th and I'm very excited. We went and looked at paint swatches yesterday. I don't think I'm allowed to paint though. Even if I was, Dan's probably not gona have it. He doesn't even like me pumping gas. I did hear a disturbing fact that unborn babies these days are floating around in our bodies in an average of 278 different chemicals, some of them being things like gasoline and mercury. When I looked into it further, I learned that having an organic lifestyle can cut that down alot, but living in the city isn't the best thing. Yucky. It's a good thing she's got that "cheesy varnish" to protect her.
One funny thing I read was that vegans tend to be less fertile because, supposedly, high plant based diets lengthen the menses process and shorten the ovulation process. Well, I think Dan and I proved that one wrong pretty quick!
I promise we'll get a funny belly picture on here soon. It's just a matter of getting Dan to do it, cause i'm new to this blog stuff.
We find out the sex on Wednesday. We'll post the ultrasound pictures and let everyone know.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

this is just weird

This is from a daily 'What to expect' email that I get.

Week 19: Greasy Kid Stuff
Six inches long this week and about eight ounces in weight, your baby is the size of a large mango.
Your little action figure is able to choreograph Matrix-like moves by now. Arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles, and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone. All these upgrades combine to give your baby more control over limb movements. Which explains all that kicking, stretching, and bodysurfing (or rather bellysurfing) you've possibly started feeling by now.

Something else going on this week: Your baby is getting a cheesy varnish. Say what? Yup — a protective substance called vernix caseosa (vernix is the Latin word for varnish; caseosa is cheese) now covers your baby's skin. It's greasy and white and is made up of lanugo (that downy hair), oil from your baby's glands, and dead skin cells. This waxy "cheese" may not sound too appetizing or attractive, but it's there for good reason: Vernix protects your baby's sensitive skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Without it, your baby would look very wrinkled at birth (sort of what you'd look like if you soaked in a bath for nine months). Some babies — especially those born early — will still be covered with vernix at the delivery, so you might get a look at your baby's first anti-wrinkle cream.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


For the first time this morning, I felt the little bugger move. Now she won't stop. Dan even felt her. It's a crazy cool feeling, there's nothing else like it. I think she was telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed and get her some breakfast. I better obey before she eats a hole through my stomach or something.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Well, me and the baby are about to embark upon a journey to the far reaches of Arkansas. I have to start getting my visiting out of the way before I can visit no more. Flying in the last 3 trimester can actually induce labor. weird. i'm not flying this time, but driving the 12 hours with my brother and nephew. I am hoping that all that sitting doesn't bring on the pregnancy rhoids I have yet to experience, but am certain I will get. I'm expecting to throw up at least once, due to the Ozark mountain's curvy roads, but i've gotten fairly used to that. I am looking forward to having an excuse to eat tons of taco bell. Hmmmm, TACO BELL!!!
In other news, my niece Grace has come up with the name Kera, that Dan and I both like. She thinks it could be a boy's or girl's name, but I'm thinking only for a girl. I'm sure we'll go through many other possibilities, but this is actually the first one that Dan and I have agreed upon. Mine are too hippy and his are too 'lord of the rings.'
I gotta go. My bro is here.
See everyone when I get back.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

heart beat

Well, I heard the heart beat yesterday and it sounds good, fast as shit. In 4 weeks, we get to see what the big-headed little bugger looks like when they shoot my ever-growing belly with sound waves. It's bigger than my fist now and growing like crazy. Hopefully it won't be as big as big ole 10 pound Dan was when he was born. yikes.
So, now the question is what is the last name gona be? Dan is Harrison, I am Hawkins, but we both want the same name as our child. Dan says we all change our last names to Zig. As cool as that would be, I don't want to make my poor child the last one in the school line everytime. Suggestions are welcome.

Monday, June 20, 2005

First Baby Picture

Originally uploaded by dandretti.
This is a picture of the jellybean when it was 8 weeks old.

Monday, June 06, 2005

mom's view

i finally figured out how to get online and add my bits and pieces to this site. i have my next doctor's appointment in a couple of days. i'll be able to hear it's heart beat this time. last time i could see the little thing pumping a million miles a minute, but this time, it should be audible. that will be exciting. the most exciting thing to me is that my first trimester is almost over. the first trimester is HELL. I have been sick and tired the whole time. Lately I get dizzier with every step. That has something to do with my uterus moving to a new spot in my body and using all my blood flow to do so, so my brain isn't getting the nourishment it needs. My sense of smell has also heightened and even the good scents make me want to hurl sometimes. Changing diapers is not the funnest thing. I dry heave every time. If you've seen me in the last 3 months and I've been moody or looked confused, it's because i would have rather been sleeping.
that's all for now. i'm too tired to think any longer.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Weeks 11 & 12

So now the little booger has real ears starting to form on the sides of its head where before they were gill like slits down around the neck. Its eyes are no longer on the sides of its head so it doesnt lood like a tadpole anymore. Little hairs are coming out all over its body. From crown to booty its about 9 or 10 cm long. For all of you who still think in the archaic terms of the foot and inch thats about 3.5 inches. Although its starting to move around a little bit christy wont be able to feel it till about the 4th month.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I learned today that our recent graduate has formed its elbows and other bone structure. Also its little teeth have started to form under the gums.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well the embryo has graduated to a fetus now. Not a whole lot more to report on my end. I still haven't scanned the picture of it. Maybe I will go and try to do that now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Appointment # 1

So Christy went to the doctor and everything looks good. We got a picture of the little guy and I will post that as soon as I scan it.
In other news the house we were stoked on fell through, so now we are back to square one with house shopping.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Here We Go

So a couple weeks ago Christy and I found out that she was pregnant. We are both extremely happy and soon enough everyone will know and if you are reading this than you can go ahead and tell anyone. She goes for her first doctors visit tomorrow and after that we will probably start telling everyone. This is gonna be great.