Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The First Few Days

Well things have been going pretty smoothly, hahahaha. Not too bad but the world has kinda been turned on its side, not all the way upside down. Halen still has Jaundice. He looks like he is getting better today. We have to go back to the doctor for the third day in a row since we left the hospital. They keep poking holes in the bottom of his feet for blood samples and it is very sad to watch. Christy has to wake up every two hours to nurse him and now i have to wake up when she is done to supplement with a little soy formula. The next time you see us we will probably look about as bad as you have ever seen us, but we wil still be glowing. I have always wanted to be a dad and it has been better than I had hoped. I am absolutely in love with the little booger and have been since the moment i pulled him, with a little help, out of Christy. Aunt Melanie has been in town for a few days now and has been a huge help which is nice cause Im out of it most of the time.

Halen other than being slightly sick has been perfect. He only cries when we make him so he will eat more or when we change him.

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