Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, today is the day. I'm 37 weeks, a.k.a TERM! That means that our little biscuit is all done, he's just hanging out in the warming drawer till he's good and ready to come out and grace us with his presence. Get your bets in to Lisa, cause the time is now baby, the time is now! Oh, and I'd appreciate it if the guesses are 9 pounds or less! Don't encourage him. Momma's going about this au naturale. Thanks.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving weekend

We've had a good ole Thanksgiving weekend so far. We had some excellent grub at Lisa's mom's for 'don't kill that turkey' day. All that good food got us ready for our big hike. We left Friday morning to go to Providence Canyon State Park. It took a little longer to get there than expected, due to my inability to pay attention to details like highway splits. We got there nonetheless and set out on our trip. The hike starts out behind the ranger station/interpretive center, going down to a creek bed. Then you actually hike for about 2 miles in the creek bed. It was just a trickle of water, that actually didn't smell too good. After that, we climbed a hill, slowly for pregnant mommas, and found our campsite. We set up our fancy schmancy tent that we hadn't used yet and built a fire. It got chilly, but it felt great next to the fire and later in our sleeping bags. We then got to use our fancy schmancy stove, that we haven't used yet, to cook up some Katmandu Kurry by 'backpackers pantry'. For freeze-dried camp food, it was pretty durn good, with lentils, rice, potatos, and other veggies. Bruce dined on some of the local nuts and the food that he carried in himself in his own new backpack. We told a couple of stories by the fire and then went to bed. We all seemed to take turns sleeping and snoring. Bruce was on guard constantly listening for critters outside, which was usually just the wind. After a full night of semi-restful intermittent sleep, it was nice to get up with the sun and cook some backcountry oatmeal. That stuff was GREAT. Dan, being a man, had to get the fire burning again. You can't spend any waking time at a camp site without a fire going. duh! It's true though, even I, who has never been a man, agrees. We then packed up camp and where on the trail again by 9am. We had between 3-4 miles of trail to go today to get back around the loop to the interpretive center. Bruce led the way. There where some beautiful canyons on the latter part of the trail, with crazy colors. The fall leaves on the trees added to all the beauty. It felt so good to get out of the city and walk in the woods for a couple of days. It's been too long. We're determined to go more often, especially when we have our little munchkin. Now we're all home and just chillin. I think Bruce is going to sleep for at least 2 days. I might just join him.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

9 Days Until Term


Thursday, November 17, 2005


I am 12 days away from being "term." The due date is always set at 40 weeks, but they say that the baby is fully developed and ready to come out any time after 37! I'm all the sudden frantic about getting stuff done. I am reading 'anything related to baby' books, researching pediatricians, scheduling hospital tours, buying baby stuff, buying nursing bras, cuddling Bruce to death, and not sleeping at all. I'm pretty exhausted these days. I just want to lay around and have my feet rubbed. All the swelling that was happening in my ankles and feet is gone. I think my body was still recouperating (sp?) from all that dehydration of being sick.
So, are we gona do this betting pool or what? I think it would be fun. Who wants to keep track of the bets? Is there going to be a fee and the winner wins the money, or a prize bought with the money? What do you guys want to do? I think there should just be bets on how long he is and what he'll weigh. Everything else gets too complicated, like if we do hair color and then he's completely bald. I get guesses all the time from strangers on how big he'll be. The bigger I get, the more people want to talk to me about it. They're usually crazy too. Yesterday, I got accosted by a crazy toothless woman who has 11 children! Her oldest is 20, her youngest is 1. She also has a grandchild by the 20 year old, who is 1. So, she's still making babies when hers are having them! Somebody stop her! The guesses people make range from 5 lbs. to 10 lbs., so no one seems to have a real clue. I'm going to get a guess from my midwife next Monday, but I'm keeping it to myself. I figure she'd have the best guess of anyone.
Well, I just wanted to say hi. No pictures today. I'll get some more up soon.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh no!

Well, I just found out that my little baby boy should be around 20 inches long and 5 lbs. heavy. The scary thing is that his testicles are making their way down to his scrotum around now. My uncle just sent me an email saying that he's going to protest all that vegan food and take him to Hooters for some wings. I informed him of the beating they would both be getting if that ever happens! We're gona have our hands full, that's for sure.
I've gathered everything that I think I will need to bring with me to the hospital for me and baby. I'll be packing those bags in the next couple of days. Lots of people have been volunteering help now and when the baby comes, but I really don't need anything yet. Well, I finally figured out something that people can do. After the baby is born, I'm not going to want to be up and about in the kitchen, nor am I going to be able to go out to eat. If anyone wants to make us some yummy vegan casseroles to freeze and heat up in those first few weeks, that would be awesome. Me and baby will need lots of healthy veggies and protein. I don't want to sound snooty, but we're trying to be mostly organic with the little bugger too, so that means that momma's gotta eat mostly organic. So, if this sounds like fun to anyone, we'd be much obliged.
I can't believe my baby has testicles! Oh dear.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

oh dear!

Well, we had a bit of a scare yesterday. Friday night, I started puking my brains out. I continued puking and pooping yucky stuff (I could go into some nasty details here, but I'll spare you) all night long. I wasn't able to drink water or anything, because I would just have to go right back into the bathroom. I was so thirsty and so dehydrated by Saturday morning that I had a 100.5 fever and was having contractions. Dehydration can bring on early labor and I was DEHYDRATED, with a capital d-e-h-y-d-r-a-t-e-d! So we went to the hospital. They hooked me up the monitors and my contractions where only 4 minutes apart and pretty durn strong! That's right about where I should be when I'm starting active labor. Oh, and by the way, those buggers hurt. My stomach muscles are still sore. So they started an IV to hydrate me and gave me some anti-nausea stuff, which made me act a little loopy for awhile, but then put me to sleep. Poor Dan didn't know what to do when I was freaking out. They kept having to re-adjust the monitors because I couldn't stay still. I would just have to flail my arms and legs a bit every couple of minutes. 2 IV bags of fluid later, mine and the babies blood pressure where still up and the fever wouldn't break, but the contractions had slowed down. Oh, and I was done with the puking part, which was nice. They where going to let me go home, but changed their minds. More IV fluid, tylenol, and sleep finally broke the fever and the blood pressure. After about 10 hours, we got to go. I continued to have a few more randomly spaced contractions after we left, but they're gone now. I slept really good last night and I'm about to get back in that bed and sleep some more. I had to get up and eat and drink a little bit. It's nice to be able to eat again. It all happened so fast, we didn't really have time to tell anyone what was going on. So, I thought I'd fill everyone in here before you hear it somewhere else and don't know what was wrong. We're all fine, no premature baby, and he's moving around like normal. He was going a little crazy during all those contractions.
Well, I hope no one else catches this bug. It was terrible. I got it from my niece and nephew. I knew I shouldn't be hanging out with them cleaning up their puke, but that's my job. Okay, back to bed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Haha. This picture is funny. My belly looks crazy! We had fun hiking. The dogs are pooped! So are we.

33 weeks

It's November 1st! That means that NEXT MONTH!!, I'll be a mommy and Dan will be a daddy. Whoopi. I may have trouble bending over to tie my shoes (Dan did it for me this morning), but I can still get my big butt over my head into a handstand. It's a totally different balancing game with that belly, but it's actually kinda easier.
I have poison ivy. I think the dogs brought it in and rubbed it on everything cause Cassie has it too. It really sucks. It's not harmful for the baby unless it gets in my bloodstream, so I'm washing like crazy and no scratching!
My dad sent us a stethoscope so we could listen to the baby better. It's pretty fun. It's easy to hear him swishing around in there, but takes a bit of searching to get that little heartbeat.
I recently spent $100 on a new pair of fancy orthopedically correct shoes and it has done wonders for my sore back. Now if that little guy would quit playing with my bladder, ribs, and liver, i'd be totally comfortable. Ha, I wish! Dan and I are about to go hiking today, so I guess I really do feel all right. It could be worse. I could have swollen balloon legs and arms.