Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fancy Do

Halen got his first hair-do. He doesn't have much hair though, so it's subtle, and didn't last long. Mommy had a piece of art in a fancy gallery, so he wanted to do something special. The show was called 'On the Spot.' 25 artists showed up to 25 blank pieces of paper and started working in the gallery during the opening. Then you could go work on it throughout the month, then there was a closing and signing party for when they where all done. My friend Kelly and I worked on our pieces together. I started the duck one, she started the horse one. Then we switched, then we switched again. It was fun. There was a real interesting mix of artists and works. Halen had fun watching us and everyone else work on their pieces, and he liked the vastness of that huge open space.
Halen is getting really close to being able to stand on his own. Sometimes he can let go of something and stand there for a few seconds. He usually gets so excited that he's actually doing it that he sort of hops with glee. Then he either falls to his knees or his butt. It's pretty cute.

Friday, September 29, 2006

First Masterpiece

Halen's first piece of art! Bidding will start at 1 million dollars! And yes, Bruce is a total princess. he's sleeping on the couch, under the covers! he totally did that himself!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dinner Time

This is the favorite time of the day for the doggies. Halen is a little more leanient on the 'no people food for dogs' rule. What is Halen eating in this picture? Vegan Spinach Florentine raviolis. Now that he's a big 9 month old, he can start eating more big people food. He LOVES it!
We tried to go to story time at the library yesterday, but it was cancelled. Halen couldn't believe the number of babies and strollers outside the library. He was waving frantically with both hands. He had all the mommy's awwwing at him.
Here he is to write something about it himself.
momma crust

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

9 Months!!!

Halen is 9 months old, 25 pounds, 32 inches, crawling, waving, kissing, being "so big", and I think he said "DOG." He's still off the charts for length and weight. At the playground yesterday, there was a 15 month little girl in the swing next to Halen who was smaller. It was funny. I'll try to be better about keeping this updated. The little girl in the picture where they're both in yellow, is Emiline. She has the same bday as Halen. They are really cute together and I think they want to get married.
Allrighty, it's bedtime for mommy. Later.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

5 Teethers

Yet another tooth has popped through those poor swollen gums. So, he's got his two middle bottom teeth all grown in, and is working on his two top middle ones and the bottom one to the left of his existing teeth! 5 teeth! Big big boy. He's bit my finger and it hurt like crap. I'm hoping he never tries biting the other part of me that goes in his mouth! OUCH!
I'd put a picture in here, but he won't let me hold his mouth open and if I put a finger in there, it'll get bit! so, you'll have to risk looking yourself.

Monday, September 04, 2006

He's Officially Crawling!!!

Dude, are you eating the sand? Okay, I'll try it! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
Bath time! Who's got the bigger weiner? Halen's holding onto his!

We went on a last minute trip down to Savannah with Connor (Halen's bff) and his parents for Labor Day weekend. Connor took his first steps, every one of them at full speed, a day or two before we left. He has yet to do a real crawl though, still doing the same "creep" that Halen has been doing for awhile now. Apparently, on the way down there, Connor was bragging to Halen about the walking thing. Halen decided that he couldn't walk, but that when we got there, he'd show everyone that he was done with the creep, and was ready for the full on crawl. The moment we put him down on the floor at the B&B, he was crawling. He has reverted back to the creep a few times, but even now that we're home, he's got his crawl on. We're so proud. He had a blast at the beach. He totally thinks sand is cool! The ocean was the perfect temperature and not too rough. It was a wonderful weekend. There are so many great pictures, it'll be hard to choose just a few for the blog.