Monday, September 04, 2006

He's Officially Crawling!!!

Dude, are you eating the sand? Okay, I'll try it! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
Bath time! Who's got the bigger weiner? Halen's holding onto his!

We went on a last minute trip down to Savannah with Connor (Halen's bff) and his parents for Labor Day weekend. Connor took his first steps, every one of them at full speed, a day or two before we left. He has yet to do a real crawl though, still doing the same "creep" that Halen has been doing for awhile now. Apparently, on the way down there, Connor was bragging to Halen about the walking thing. Halen decided that he couldn't walk, but that when we got there, he'd show everyone that he was done with the creep, and was ready for the full on crawl. The moment we put him down on the floor at the B&B, he was crawling. He has reverted back to the creep a few times, but even now that we're home, he's got his crawl on. We're so proud. He had a blast at the beach. He totally thinks sand is cool! The ocean was the perfect temperature and not too rough. It was a wonderful weekend. There are so many great pictures, it'll be hard to choose just a few for the blog.

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