Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hands and Knees!!!

Looky who's figured out how to get up on his hands and knees. Pretty soon he'll actually be able to go forwards! Lately it's just been rolling over and scooting backwards.
It's a good thing we're making baby knee pads at craft night Thursday!

Monday, June 26, 2006

This and That

Halen rode the carousel and the train at Zoo Atlanta. Yes, we went to the zoo. I know it's not very vegan of me, but I had to meet my sis-in-law there to pick up my niece who was visiting from out of town. Halen didn't really notice the animals, but he did like the train. Later that day we went to the Bodies Exhibit at the Civic Center. Halen said that he likes people with skin on better than off. I agree.
Finally, here's a picture of his shark bib from aunt Lisa. He's holding it up so you all can see it better.
Halen hung out with Connor at the Bingo game benefit hosted by Artists to the Rescue. The benefit was a big success. They raised almost $2000 and one dog got adopted, while 3 others are in the application process! Halen just had fun hanging with his buddy, swapping drooly toys and such.
Halen is getting really close to crawling. We're going to host a baby craft night this week where we're going to make baby knee pads so his knees stay nice and soft once he starts moving all over the house.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Hangin' out. Bruce and I showing Halen the ropes on chillin. Me showing the ropes on how to kill stuff.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tybee Time!!!

We had a nice relaxing weekend on Tybee Island, thanks to Aunt Kelly and her family's beach house. Halen went swimming in the ocean, faceplanted in the sand on the beach, and flirted with all the ladies. He had his half-birthday on Saturday! He's now weighing in at 22 pounds and is 30 inches tall. Both figures are still off the charts for size. He's not far from the weight one, but he's the height of a 9 month old in the 95th%. Halen got a sweet air brushed shirt with a pirate ship on it. Dan had his first father's day. Halen was extra sweet to him and got him some shoes, kinda.

Friday, June 16, 2006


We're in trouble, Halen instantly fell in love with this Baby Beamer. Maybe we'll buy him this one and then he'll buy Dan and I matching ones when he's a big pro sport man. That's fair right?


Okay, here it is, the first picture I've been able to get of those teethers!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pictures So Cute That They Must Be Shared

Look how cute my men are when they're sleeping.
Thanks to aunt boobie (Nicky) for the whale bib. Stay posted for pictures with the scary shark one from aunt Lisa! YUM.
If anyone needs some tennis lessons, Halen doesn't charge much, but he drools on the court alot.
Look who can stand up!

Where's That Red One Gonna Go???

Halen and I participated in a study last week at Emory University. It is a study on language and development. First they asked me lots of questions and I had to fill out tons of paperwork. Then they strapped Halen in a car seat and played a very boring set of noises for him. I and the other guy in the room had to be behind curtains. Halen wasn't into this study. The Ba ba ba and Da da da noises where boring him and he started screaming. The poor little guy was lonely. Oh, they had him hooked up to heart monitors to measure his reaction to the noises. They where just little stickers with wires clipped to them. He didn't mind. So then we moved on to the table where Halen sat in my lap and the study guy proceeded to play with Halen. He would show him a toy, then do what he wanted Halen to do with the toy, then put it down on the table, and see what Halen did. He was a rockstar!!! He did everything that he was supposed to do except for 2 things. They (there was another person observing through a one-sided mirror) where very impressed with his development. They said that they didn't expect him to do as well as he did at his age, that the study was aimed for a large age bracket, and he scored on the level as a baby much older than he is. I was surprised by how much he could do as well. I play with him every day, but I hadn't 'tested' him in this way before. They did things like show him a block and a cup, then hide the block under the cup, to see if he looks for it. Many babies at his age don't understand that once a thing is gone from view that they are not really gone from existance. So, if he looks for the block, then they know that he realizes that it's just hidden from sight. They score higher if they grab the cup one-handed by the handle than if they pick it up two handed. He went straight for the handle, picked it up with one hand and got the block with the other. Then he would show him different toys that made noises in different way. He would show him how to make the noise and then set it down. Halen would then grab the toy, bring it to his mouth for a little taste, then move it away from his mouth and shake it or press it to make the noise. Everything went to the mouth first. Then we got on the floor to see if Halen could sit, roll over, and stand flat-footed when balanced. Of course he did all that stuff with no problem. When a toy was placed out of his reach, he would squirm or roll to it.
After all that brain workout, Halen got some boobie and went to sleep. They then hooked sensors up behind his ears and played sounds. They measured his hearing ability this way. When a sound is made, the nerves behind the ear send a signal and these sensors read that. He hears well. While he was sleeping and being tested in this way, I peed in a cup, got some blood drawn, and took a hearing test of my own. There where several different tests. First I had to repeat muffled words. Next I had to repeat muffled words while background chatter was also being played. Then I had to repeat two different words that where played simultaneously, one into each ear. First I had to repeat the one I heard in the right ear, then left and then vice versa. Then I had to hear two sentences simultaneously and repeat the one I heard in the right ear, then a series where I repeated the one I heard in the left ear. this was fairly difficult, but I managed to get almost every single one right. They where also surprised by how well I did. I guess I'm a rockstar too.
Halen had to give a peepee sample as well. they put this ushaped sticker attached to a plastic bag around his cock and balls and waited for him to pee in it.
Halen then got a toy, a t-shirt, and $50!
We recently got asked to do another study too. Next week he's going to watch a puppet show while wearing a swim cap with brain sensors attached to it. we get a copy of his brain wave activity. i'll post it and you can all marvel at his genius level, because I'm sure it'll show that he's super highly advanced.
Oh, and the little guy is so close to crawling it's ridiculous. He's pushing up to his knees now. I think he'll be taking over the neighborhood by next week! Maybe he'll take his first real crawl for his daddy for father's day.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Guess Who's Cutting His First Tooth

bottom front left! I'll get a picture of it if I can. It's really hard to see, but you can feel it. That's why Halen was waking up and crying all through the night!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Blog? Their Entry About The Quilt Is Better Than Mine.

This is the company i got the fabric for Halen's organic quilt from. They liked it so much when I sent pictures that they wrote a blog about it. How sweet. I meant to get on here today and write about thet tests Halen took yesterday. I don't feel like it now though. I guess you'll all have to wait on pins and needles till tomorrow.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Well, here's the quilt. Halen likes it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Touch those toes!

Sorry it's been so long. We had alot going on for a few days. I also had a plugged milk duct in my right boobie and I was cranky as hell. It hurt! Apparently my bra is too tight. I'm in constant denial that I need to go buy a bigger bra. I still think I'm part of the itty bitty titty committee or something.
I've been working on a quilt for Halen and it's moments away from being done. I'll post pictures when it is. I started a webshop on etsy to sell my crafts. it's kinda like ebay, but not an auction and it's only handmade items. it's a great site to check out in general. alot of the same people that sell things at youngblood are on there. alot of it is wholesale too. anyway, my page is www.crustychristy.etsy.com Right now there's only 5 things on there. I'm slowly adding more. I hope to sell baby quilts, but I don't know how I'm going to actually get them done because it takes fucking forever!
We took Halen and the dogs to the dog park. Halen loves dogs so much, we figured he'd go apeshit at the dog park. There was no one there! One other dog came and left while we where there and he wasn't interested in Halen. Oh well, the dogs got wore out for a little while.
Kelly and Frances had a bday party. Halen was the hit of the party, showing off his mobility with his walker. The dogs all got doggy frozen yogurt. Lucy fought another dog to try to get some more. She got put in time out.
Well, I'm gona go back to bed. I got up to let the crazy dogs out. In the morning, they school around me like sharks. It kinda drives me crazy. Halen is still asleep so I'm going to go join him.
There's another baby craft night tonight, my place, 6:30. Other people (non-reproducers) are allowed to come as long as they make stuff for the babies! Haha.