Monday, June 26, 2006

This and That

Halen rode the carousel and the train at Zoo Atlanta. Yes, we went to the zoo. I know it's not very vegan of me, but I had to meet my sis-in-law there to pick up my niece who was visiting from out of town. Halen didn't really notice the animals, but he did like the train. Later that day we went to the Bodies Exhibit at the Civic Center. Halen said that he likes people with skin on better than off. I agree.
Finally, here's a picture of his shark bib from aunt Lisa. He's holding it up so you all can see it better.
Halen hung out with Connor at the Bingo game benefit hosted by Artists to the Rescue. The benefit was a big success. They raised almost $2000 and one dog got adopted, while 3 others are in the application process! Halen just had fun hanging with his buddy, swapping drooly toys and such.
Halen is getting really close to crawling. We're going to host a baby craft night this week where we're going to make baby knee pads so his knees stay nice and soft once he starts moving all over the house.

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