Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We went to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. We rode horses and boats. It was a blast. Halen got pretty sick though. He's pretty miserable now. Poor baby. He is walking like crazy now. He's still crawling most of the time, but walking more and more, like from one object to another. He is also clapping. He loves to clap. It is real cute. I love that he's learning language. You can just say clap, dance, and nose and he knows what to do. You don't have to show him anymore. He's one smart cookie.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stander Upper

From This.

To This.

And then, he WALKS!!!
Check out those new christmas jammies. You know you want some!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Look mom, when you push this down, it goes swoosh. Luckily, he still hasn't discovered the water inside the toilet. We've been keeping the lids down and he hasn't tried opening it. My nephew Sam used to play in the toilet like crazy. He'd be at it at least 5 minutes before I'd find him. With 3 kids, one can slip away a little easier.
Oh, and isn't he cute in his pink diaper? He's not afraid to be a man and sport the pink proudly.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Big Big Boy

Halen sure is growing up. He's getting better and better at walking. Crawling is still his 'getting around' of choice. His walking is so methodical. It's really cute. He's also starting to get real tired of jarred baby food. He wants to sink his 6 teeth into some of that stuff mommy and daddy are eating. So, he's getting a much bigger variety of foods these days. He can climb on and off the futon, and the bed now. He likes to get off and on the bed over and over and over again, well after bed time. Aren't we a happy little pirate family? I sure am happy with my family. So happy, I'm thinking it might be time to make it bigger. No, I'm not pregnant, yet. haha. Halen likes riding in this treasure chest so much that he'll pitch a serious fit when you take him out. Did I already mention that in the last blog? I can't remember what are emails and what are blogs. It was his first fit, and it was funny. He laid down on the floor, kicking and screaming. Gotta love it.
Well, Daddy took Halen out so I could get this second quilt done and here I am at the computer. I'm gona get in trouble. I had to take a lunch break. Don't beat me. Just Kidding. Dan doesn't beat me, I'd kick his ass.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

International Baby

Halen was trying to use chopsticks at Harmony's lunch special yesterday. It was pretty cute. He did a fairly decent job. The waitor said that babies in China use them all the time. So we let him at it. Then we went to my brother's and Halen played with his cousins for awhile. They got a new dog who is really cute and just Halen's size. He's about 5 pounds now, and will only grow to 15. His name is Oliver. Halen loved him, squealing at him with delight. Tonight is the Plush opening at youngblood. It looks great in there. Halen wishes his room was that cool. So do I.
See ya there!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween

Halen had a fun and happy Halloween as a dinosaur. He got to pull the guts and seeds out of a pumpkin, then play in the yard with it, and trick or treat! We only went to one house since he can't eat the candy yet, but we needed to pictures. Dan and I didn't dress up. I have been too busy lately. There is a group show this weekend at YoungBlood that I am a part of. I am trying to come up with a short and easy aerial act to perform on my homemade swing that is in the show. I've hung it a couple of times and tried to practice, but Halen gets really excited to see mommy spinning around like that and crawls as fast as he can toward me. So then I have to stop. He got on it with me and we spun real fast. I have it rigged to my fancy swivel made for my spanish web. He laughed! I don't think he got dizzy or sick or anything. I am certainly not in the shape I used to be in and my body is not so used to the spinning anymore either. That's why the act will be less than 2 minutes and consist of easy tricks.
Well, we're off to lunch with the cousins.