Saturday, November 04, 2006

International Baby

Halen was trying to use chopsticks at Harmony's lunch special yesterday. It was pretty cute. He did a fairly decent job. The waitor said that babies in China use them all the time. So we let him at it. Then we went to my brother's and Halen played with his cousins for awhile. They got a new dog who is really cute and just Halen's size. He's about 5 pounds now, and will only grow to 15. His name is Oliver. Halen loved him, squealing at him with delight. Tonight is the Plush opening at youngblood. It looks great in there. Halen wishes his room was that cool. So do I.
See ya there!


cassandra said...

Ahh! Sam and Halen-the two cutest boys on the block..they should start a boyband one day.

christy said...

they should! They could be Sam Halen.