Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, today is the day. I'm 37 weeks, a.k.a TERM! That means that our little biscuit is all done, he's just hanging out in the warming drawer till he's good and ready to come out and grace us with his presence. Get your bets in to Lisa, cause the time is now baby, the time is now! Oh, and I'd appreciate it if the guesses are 9 pounds or less! Don't encourage him. Momma's going about this au naturale. Thanks.


laurel bishop said...

Okay, I'm betting the little dude pops out around Dec 16th! And he'll weigh 8 lbs even.
Aunt Laurel

Tori Hawkins said...

Just wanted to say HEY and I'm really enjoying your blogs, hopefully see you all and the little guy in Feb.

tony said...

congrats on term. cant wait to see the little biscuit.