Thursday, November 17, 2005


I am 12 days away from being "term." The due date is always set at 40 weeks, but they say that the baby is fully developed and ready to come out any time after 37! I'm all the sudden frantic about getting stuff done. I am reading 'anything related to baby' books, researching pediatricians, scheduling hospital tours, buying baby stuff, buying nursing bras, cuddling Bruce to death, and not sleeping at all. I'm pretty exhausted these days. I just want to lay around and have my feet rubbed. All the swelling that was happening in my ankles and feet is gone. I think my body was still recouperating (sp?) from all that dehydration of being sick.
So, are we gona do this betting pool or what? I think it would be fun. Who wants to keep track of the bets? Is there going to be a fee and the winner wins the money, or a prize bought with the money? What do you guys want to do? I think there should just be bets on how long he is and what he'll weigh. Everything else gets too complicated, like if we do hair color and then he's completely bald. I get guesses all the time from strangers on how big he'll be. The bigger I get, the more people want to talk to me about it. They're usually crazy too. Yesterday, I got accosted by a crazy toothless woman who has 11 children! Her oldest is 20, her youngest is 1. She also has a grandchild by the 20 year old, who is 1. So, she's still making babies when hers are having them! Somebody stop her! The guesses people make range from 5 lbs. to 10 lbs., so no one seems to have a real clue. I'm going to get a guess from my midwife next Monday, but I'm keeping it to myself. I figure she'd have the best guess of anyone.
Well, I just wanted to say hi. No pictures today. I'll get some more up soon.

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james said...

recuperate |riˈkoōpəˌrāt| verb 1 [ intrans. ] recover from illness or exertion : she has been recuperating from a shoulder wound | Christmas is a time to recuperate. 2 [ trans. ] recover or regain (something lost or taken) : they will seek to recuperate the returns that go with investment. DERIVATIVES recuperable |-pərəbəl| adjective ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin recuperat- ‘regained,’ from the verb recuperare, from re- ‘back’ + capere ‘take.’