Tuesday, November 01, 2005

33 weeks

It's November 1st! That means that NEXT MONTH!!, I'll be a mommy and Dan will be a daddy. Whoopi. I may have trouble bending over to tie my shoes (Dan did it for me this morning), but I can still get my big butt over my head into a handstand. It's a totally different balancing game with that belly, but it's actually kinda easier.
I have poison ivy. I think the dogs brought it in and rubbed it on everything cause Cassie has it too. It really sucks. It's not harmful for the baby unless it gets in my bloodstream, so I'm washing like crazy and no scratching!
My dad sent us a stethoscope so we could listen to the baby better. It's pretty fun. It's easy to hear him swishing around in there, but takes a bit of searching to get that little heartbeat.
I recently spent $100 on a new pair of fancy orthopedically correct shoes and it has done wonders for my sore back. Now if that little guy would quit playing with my bladder, ribs, and liver, i'd be totally comfortable. Ha, I wish! Dan and I are about to go hiking today, so I guess I really do feel all right. It could be worse. I could have swollen balloon legs and arms.

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cassandra said...

there is lots of poison ivy treatment in the house...