Monday, December 26, 2005

happy days

I could write a book about all the emotions and experiences of the last week, but I'm pretty exhausted, so I won't. Having Halen join our family is the greatest adventure I've ever experienced, and I've been on a few pretty great adventures. His first Christmas was fun. He looked adorable in his little red Christmas outfit. We got a guitar so we can play lullabys for him.
Dan is the best dad in the world. When I see them together, I get so happy and teary.
well, i just wanted to say hi. i could go into details about the birth and stitches and all that, but some people might not want to hear all that stuff. it all doesn't matter as soon as it's over anyway. i'd do it again any day.

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tony said...

i can totally see Dan being a great dad. cant wait to finally see the li'l guy (i think i am finally getting over this sickness).