Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am so ready to just burst right open. Only 12 more days till D-day! Yahoo! The 15th is the full moon, so it's possible I'll go a little early, in order to be inline with the lunar schedule. My body has been known to follow the moon cycle.
Well, some people have actually asked me what they should get the little bugger for Christmas. He's not even born yet, calm down. He won't remember, take advantage! In 3 years he'll be asking everyone he knows for remote control cars and shit. Anyway, I went ahead and registered for some organic cloth diapers and a couple of other things at It's an all vegan online family store. There's lots of cool stuff (toys without batteries are nice) on there that I didn't register for, if you like to pick stuff out for yourself. Diapers aren't lots of fun, but certainly practical. If you do want to get him something, type in shipfree1205 in the coupon code box for free shipping in December. I only registered for 4 terry cloth diapers, but we really need about 12, so you can go over the limit on those things. I just thought that would get us started.
Well, I'm outta here. I have to go get busy at some more laying around. I'm at the point where I'd prefer to be standing or lying. Sitting is getting a little cramped.
Big huge momma

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