Monday, December 12, 2005

still no baby

I've got a midwife appointment today at 2:00! We'll discuss the mucus plug and see if I'm dilated. I'll let you know. I am so ready, but I'm also holding out for my aunt to get here on Wednesday. She's my support in case Dan faints.
I talked to a woman yesterday at the Indie Craft Experience who just had a baby two months ago. She had a homebirth in Asheville, au naturale. I wish I could have a home birth. Damn Georgia laws! She said it's illegal in N.C. too, but she found a midwife who would do it. Anyway, it's so wonderful to talk to women who have recently given birth. She was very encouraging. I'm actually really looking forward to this experience, pain and all. Bring it on baby, Momma's ready!

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