Friday, October 07, 2005

week 30

well, i don't know if that picture worked or not. we'll see. it's a few weeks old and already my belly has grown more. between my last two appointments, 4 weeks time, i gained 10 whole pounds. whoe momma! the babe and I have completed and passed all of our tests determining whether he's gona be a healthy baby or not. now we just wait. the shower is this weekend. i'm excited. i've got some house cleaning to do though. there will be yummy snacks and even two kinds of cake. mmmm mmmm good. the baby likes cake!
the little monster is moving like crazy. he should be weighing in around 3 pounds by now. i think he's more. he's got my entire belly wobbling around and poking out in weird angles when he moves. sometimes i think he grabs my ribs and shakes them. it's a strange feeling.
like always, i'll try to post more frequently, but probably won't. i think ole daddy needs to get on here and post something about how he's feeling about all this. get to it daddy!

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cassandra said...

woo! baby shower!

actually, i just want the cake.