Friday, July 08, 2005


Well, me and the baby are about to embark upon a journey to the far reaches of Arkansas. I have to start getting my visiting out of the way before I can visit no more. Flying in the last 3 trimester can actually induce labor. weird. i'm not flying this time, but driving the 12 hours with my brother and nephew. I am hoping that all that sitting doesn't bring on the pregnancy rhoids I have yet to experience, but am certain I will get. I'm expecting to throw up at least once, due to the Ozark mountain's curvy roads, but i've gotten fairly used to that. I am looking forward to having an excuse to eat tons of taco bell. Hmmmm, TACO BELL!!!
In other news, my niece Grace has come up with the name Kera, that Dan and I both like. She thinks it could be a boy's or girl's name, but I'm thinking only for a girl. I'm sure we'll go through many other possibilities, but this is actually the first one that Dan and I have agreed upon. Mine are too hippy and his are too 'lord of the rings.'
I gotta go. My bro is here.
See everyone when I get back.

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