Monday, April 24, 2006

Wow, Kale, Yum, Really

Halen is such a good eater! He even likes Kale! So far, he has had baby rice cereal, bananas, papaya, and kale. Booby is still his favorite. Like every good parent, I will now comment on his poop. It's changing. It's getting solider and stinkier. A diet of bananas and breast milk makes really nasty looking poop. I don't think I'll ever eat a banana again. I'm not looking forward to the Kale diaper.
Dan is on the couch snoring behind me. It's the weirdest snore ever, it sounds like when you're trying to start a car, but the engine never turns over. Halen is sleeping in his crib. The dogs are crashed out too. I guess it's bed time or something. It's only 10:18! We live on the wild side over here at the hawkins/harrison house.

1 comment:

cassandra said...

did you give your baby kale or pot? he looks a little, uh, high...

nonetheless...cute as hell.