Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Halen and I went on a trip to Albequerque to visit my aunt Melanie and Puckett the cat. Everywhere we went, Halen had people awwwing at him. He really is such a handsome and pleasant baby. He adjusted to the dry climate just fine, but I had boogers in my nose that felt like razor sharp rocks. We went to Santa Fe one day and saw the Georgia O'Keefe museum. Halen let out a huge belch during the film. It was out of respect I'm sure. I had to take his pacifier away from him because he might "toss it" at the artwork. It's a good thing he's not that attached to it. He was good on the planes for the most part. He was slightly inconsolably crying for about 5 minutes once. That's not that bad, considering the amount of time we where on those planes. We had to transfer in Denver. It was 3.5 hours to there, and then another hour to Alb. Okay, I'm gona find some pics to go with this and then get my ass to bed. It's late. Halen's friend Connor is coming to play tomorrow while his mommy is in class. It'll be fun. I'm sure I'll get some cute pictures.

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