Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Words

Halen is turning it up on the talking! He's got new words coming out of his mouth every day. Recently, he's been saying no alot. Great! It's actually real cute. When we tell him 'no,' he stops what he's doing and shakes his head a bunch and says 'no,no,no,no.' He also points at Bruce and tells him no. Yesterday, he said, 'shoe, gentle, and Albert.' He already says Bruce, so he can't get jealous that he's saying other dog's names. It's funny that the first names he's said are dog's names. Of course he says momma and dadda, but no one else's names. I guess he spends a little too much time with just mommy.
Dan, Halen, and I are talking seriously about moving. Dan has started the application process to Humbolt state university. It's in Arcata, CA. That's outside of Eureka, about 275 miles north of San Francisco. It's a small town, less than 20,000 people. We're looking at buying a trailer home and rocking that till we graduate. I am going to apply there too. We are looking at doing this this summer! Holy smokes is right! It's just kind of come up and we're trying to get the ball rolling. I'm excited. It's an extremely liberal town, with lots of vegetarian eateries and bike lanes. We're going to wait and see if Dan gets accepted, then visit this spring if he does. Then we'll put our house on the market and move this summer. Anyone want to come with us? I'm sad to be leaving friends, so anyone who wants to come along is welcome.

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cassandra said...

i'm so honored one of halen's first words is Albert!! Of course, Albert is very honored, too.