Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tybee Time!

We went to Tybee Island to veg out on the beach for Memorial Day Weekend. Halen got to hang out with a bunch of his lady friends and play in the sand. The water was still a bit cold. We all wussed out on going in there. It's a good thing cause our friend Jess was walking down the pier the day that everyone was swimming and saw someone catch a shark with their fishing pole. Turns out that lots of the people on the pier where fishing for sharks, using whole small chickens as bait. Halen thoroughly enjoyed the sweet potato fries at a local marina.
Today we head out of town again! Jeepers, will it ever stop? My aunt Melanie got married and we're all going to Arizona to celebrate.
The house is still not on the market. There is still stuff to be done. We're missing valuable real estate time. Hopefully next week! I'll post pics of how fancy I've got it looking when it's all done. We're doing major clean up around here!

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