Monday, July 14, 2008

Get In Shape Girl

You know the feeling.
So, my butt aint getting any smaller (actually it is, but it's losing it's nice muscular bubbliness, which isn't good. Dan married me for my butt, seriously). Try as I may to get outside and do stuff, I usually have a baby strapped to me (and am going at toddler pace). This does make walking up a mountain harder, but it's still less work than running up the mountain, which is what I need to be doing to get my heart rate up, lose the belly pouch, and get back the butt. I decided a nice piece of home exercise equipment might do the trick. So, I went on craigslist and found this $10 gem, definitely from the 80's. It works fine, but let's see if I ever actually use the thing. Halen likes it too.

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corrie said...

you look awesome