Friday, October 03, 2008

Summer Recap

Lots of stuff got left out this summer, due to all the tons and tons of fun we were having! No time for blogging of course. So, now that it's a pre-rainy season rainy day, I'll give you a small recap. Liam learned to use a spoon and is very excited about it. He's been a stubborn eater since the start, only wanting to feed himself and only eating Indian food. Seriously, if it aint got Garham Masala in it, he don't want it. He spit out any ground up baby textured food I ever tried to feed him. It had to be chunky and he preferred to do it himself, no matter how messy that got. Moving from fingers and hands in Indian food to a spoon was a big happy day for us all. We picked peaches one day, apples and pears another. We hiked around Trillium Lake. We went to the amusement park a few more times, ate lots of burritos and danishes and vegan potlucks and brunches. goodbye summer, hello fall.

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Maggie said...

you guys are amazing. i love yous!