Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not The One

After much negotiations and thought, it has panned out that that house was just not the right one for us. In the meantime, we're enjoying our location in the apartment. Dan clogged up the one toilet this morning just before leaving for school and the concrete wall out the dining room window is lovely to look at. I'm just being negative to be funny, things really are a.o.k. I have a date with IKEA this afternoon, to get some things to put things in. The trailer had oodles and oodles of storage, so much that there were actually multiple empty drawers and cabinets. Here, much of our stuff is still in boxes, cause there's just nowhere to put stuff.

We walked to Laurelhurst Park yesterday. It's a big beautiful park. Bruce got some much needed running time in the dog park. Halen and I had a blast running around trying to catch all the falling leaves. Those suckers are hard to catch. Halen finally got one when it hit him square in the face and stuck there, as big as his head. He was very happy. I wouldn't let Halen anywhere near the duck pond, since that sucker jumped in the last one we went to. We had to admire the ducks from afar.

During our move, we had visitors. It was a bit crazy for a few days, but we all had fun. John and Cassie, did you start selling all your stuff yet??? Buffalo Thangs are waiting. I have some pictures from that visit, but am waiting for John to put his up on an account, as he had a much better camera and took something close to 1000 pictures while here.


CB said...

awe. he is getting too big too fast. Look how he runs! I miss you guys, We need a skype date soon!

christy said...

He runs so fast it's blurry. It's not cause my camera sucks or anything. He's just SUPERMAN.

Cassie said...

Bummer on the house. I will make John load some up soon!