Sunday, May 14, 2006

Babies craft night

Halen and I hosted a mommy and baby party. It was a mad house! It was tons of fun though. We all made little shirts for our babies. Halen's is a pirate ship. All the babies are going to wear their shirts to pizza night on Tuesday. I'll post a picture of that when that happens.
Today is my first mother's day as a mommy. Dan made a deeee-licious breakfast. Halen is being extra cute and got me an excellent present of 2 hours on a new tattoo. I gotta figure out what to get now. I'm excited.
I like mothers day.


mama kim said...

that was a super fun nite.. now i just gotta finish Presleys shirt before tuesday!! thanks for having us over, we hope to hang out again soon!

cassandra said...

halen is totally showing off his muscles for the ladies..

nicky said...

man...can we have a girls with no babies craft night...or can i borrow a baby from someone so i can attend?