Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Halen had two big things happen today. One, he was left in the YMCA day care with a stranger! I felt nauseous on the way to the Y and after we left him in there. He was fine when we left and fine when Dan went and got him half an hour later, but I couldn't do anything but think about him the whole time. I felt guilty the whole time I was swimming laps, like I should be swimming with Halen. It did feel good to swim laps though. Two, Halen went in the pool. He had fun. There was another baby there who was the same size as Halen. I thought he was probably just a little older (cause Halen is usually as big as the older kids), till his parents put him down and he was just standing there. He was seriously the same height at Halen, but walking and talking. He was 15 months. We sat them next to each other on the pool edge and laughed at them. Halen splashed and kicked like mad! He never got cold of upset by the water. In another month, he'll be old enough to start the parent and me swim class. We'll definetely be signing up for that. He is going to be a fish! It's awesome that you can leave the baby with someone while you workout, but it's hard on the mommy! It'll be easier when he's old enough to play with the other kids.
tonight is babie's pizza night. only 2 more hours. i'm starving!!!

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mama kim said...

aw man i wish presley was old enough for the swim class!

pizza nite was fun.