Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All Boy

Now that it's getting warmer (not that this pictures shows any evidence of that), Halen is developing a whole new scent. It's the little dirty boy scent and I love it. There is an absolutely primal necessity for me to sniff Halen every few minutes, ever since he was just born. I'm sure he's pretty familiar with my scent as well, trying to sleep in my arm pit half the night. He is growing a new tooth and we where all up all night long agonizing over it. At least I was. Halen's motto is, as long as there's a boob in my mouth, I can deal with anything. If there's not, I'll scream like crazy till there is. I love nursing. It is an amazing bond between us and it's so healthy for him and his fragile little immune system. But there are the nights when the first damn molar is ripping through tender gums that I feel completely drained, literally. He will nurse off and on all night, without me getting up to drink any water, and I wake up feeling like even my eyeballs are dried out. It's crazy how a mother's body will pull moisture and nutrients out of anywhere to take care of her child. He's numero uno for sure.
Also since it's been warm, we've been going for lots of bike rides. We'll just cruise the neighborhood, or go to the playground. The whole family road to Raging Burrito for lunch over the weekend. Halen got his own bean burrito. It was huge and only $3.50. I think it's more the right size for me than the adult burritos, but you have to be 12 and under. Halen made a friend at the playground yesterday. Cash, who was 22 months old (and smaller than Halen), had lots of fun chasing each other around the little league field with a ball. Cash had a baby brother who was only 4 weeks old. Halen was fascinated. He was in a bjorn on his mommy and Halen kept grunting for her to squat down so he could pat his head and say and sign baby. When Halen does the sign language for baby (it's like you're rocking one in your arms), it's just about the cutest thing you've ever seen. I think he wants us to make him a little sibling.
On other news, Halen has two new aunts. My father just adopted the two girls who have been living with him for many years. They are the nieces of my step-mother and have had the most tragic lives you can imagine. Not that I agree one bit with how my father has raised them (super sheltered, home schooled southern baptist), but I guess it's better than getting shuffled around in the foster system. Or is it? Anyway, they're good sweet girls who have been dealt a shitty hand. Growing up with two brothers, I always wanted a sister. Now I have two.
Well, this has gone on longer than I planned. Dan is home from work today studying for a test, so Halen is more distracted than usual, so I actually had time to write a little. Speaking of Halen, right now he's trying to ride his xylophone.

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