Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Halentines Day

Halen is blowing kisses bye bye and dressing like Cupid. What a cutie!!!
We're still not sure when or where we're moving. Portland, OR is added to the possibilities though.
I hope everyone has a wonderfully sweet and romantic valentines day.


tony said...

damn cute

christy said...

holy moly, someone other than Cassie commented. I thought I was doing this blog only for Cassie, Dan, Halen, and myself. Not that they alone wouldn't be worth the effort, but thanks Tony.
and I know, he is cute! I often can't believe just how cute he is.

nicky said...

i read your stories and look at your pictures almost every day...i love your real life scrapbook. xoxo

christy said...

nicky too!!!! I guess people do love us. thx

Megan said...


Through the magic of the inter-web I've learned that you may be moving to Portland. I've lived here for three years and would love to lend a helping hand if you need it.
I can tell that me and Halen could be great friends.

Megan Ponder

christy said...

Megan, if you ever read this, then leave me info on how to get in touch with you!!! Crazy to hear from you.