Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Little Hiker

We went to Sweetwater Creek today and Halen had a blast!!! We tried to put him in the backpack, but he wasn't having it. He wanted to touch every tree and pick up every rock, stick, or whatever was on the path. He also wanted to step right into the raging freezing cold rapids. Against his wishes, we had to keep him in the backpack when we where right next to the water, or he would have darted right in. I had to stop at every tree to keep him happy, so he could pet the bark and say, "tree." He's going to be a botanist, I tell you! When we got to the harder climbing areas, he'd adamantly refuse to hold hands. He wanted to do it himself!!! And he did! He climbed up some stuff that I never thought he'd be able to climb up. Then on the loop back he all the sudden wanted to be picked up. He went from 100% independent climbing everything boy to asleep on your shoulder boy. Very cute. He slept all the way home. We've been home for about 3 hours now and he's still asleep! It was quite the adventure for the little guy.

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