Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dan Wins

Guns. They have been an ongoing discussion between Dan and I. I, against. Dan, for. Do I really need to clarify? Several recent occurances have led me to allow one of these monstrosities into my home. I am still anti-gun, but I also can't deny that an intruder is most likely going to have one and we might as well even out the odds. With the nice warm weather, there has been a recent crime wave in our neighborhood, and everywhere apparently. We have heard gunshots nearby. The neighborhood association has started a crime watch patrol, hiring off-duty cops to patrol the neighborhood. The final blow was the break-in that occured at our friend's house Sunday night. They were held at gunpoint, in the middle of the night, while teenage boys ransacked their house! The bastards actually pointed their gun in the face of their 18 month old son! Thankfully, he didn't understand and will most likely never remember, but it is the most horrendous thing I can imagine happening to the parents. I'd rather a gun pointed at me than Halen. They lost alot of material stuff, a car, and worst, their feeling of being safe in their own home. They where selling that house anyway, so they have moved to her parents house until the house they are building is done. They're still shook up and will never forget the experience. I am so thankful they are still with us. I get so sick thinking about it.
So, Tuesday, Dan gets home from school carrying a long narrow box. Inside was "the Persuader," a shotgun. It's real intimidating! I hope we never have to use it and I hate seeing it up in my closet. But it's there if anyone threatens my family and it makes me feel a little safer knowing we have it. I'm still not sleeping well though. These assholes haven't been caught yet. I really wish the police where actually as good as they are in the tv shows. Every little crime is investigated to death until it's solved. These boys where teenagers! How sneaky and untraceable can they be? They where in a stolen car in the vicinity. Was anyone even looking for them?
well, gotta go.

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tony said...

damn, glad they are ok. hopefully you will never need to use the gun, but at least its there in case.