Monday, April 02, 2007

Halen Is Cute

I got Halen this backpack full of side walk chalk. He loves wearing the pack and eating the chalk! What a surprise!

This is just Halen being cute in a new outfit. He's trying to put on my gardening gloves (even though they don't match).

and last, but not least, Halen has an announcement. He wants everyone to know that he is going to be a...

It's a little early to be making this announcement, but we're all too excited to wait. I'm only 2 or 3 weeks along, and there's a 20% chance of miscarriage within the first 20 weeks. So if you don't want to tell everyone that you've had a miscarriage, you're not supposed to tell everyone you're pregnant until that danger is over. That's not fun stuff to talk about though. This is, the projected due date is December 7th. Another December birthday. Oops. The Chinese Lunar Calendar, that is an ancient sex predicting chart (with 93% accuracy), says we're having a girl. Whoopi.

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