Friday, April 06, 2007


This is what she looks like right now (not as cute as her big brother yet), and is as big as a sesame street. Oops. I mean seed. I honestly didn't do that on purpose. We like Sesame Street around here, Elmo being our favorite. Halen says his name like "melmo."
I'm so super excited, but also nauseated most of the time. So if I'm cranky, that's why.
We went biking yesterday with Halen's cousins and my bro and sis in law. Caroline, who is 4, and Grace, who is 6, rode their own bikes for 8 miles. Up and down crazy hills! No training wheels or gears, with small little wheels. It was crazy. They did so good. I was a proud aunt. Halen and Sam, who is 3 next month, sat in the trailor. They kept sticking their hands out to touch the rear wheel of Dawn's bike. They had little black hands. They where real cute in there, making crazy noises, and giving each other hugs.
When we got up this morning, the bikes where still in the living room. Halen grabbed his helmet and tried to climb on. He was ready to get going. With this crazy cold front though, I'm hybernating!! Somebody please do something about this weather. I hate it.

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