Saturday, December 08, 2007


Well the day has finally arrived. Liam Hawkins Harrison joined the world at 2:10 a.m. Dec. 8 2007. He tipped the scales at 9lbs.6oz. and was 22" long. He looks a lot like Halen did when he was brand new. Christy is worn out from the labor. Halen is stoked to have a baby around and I am just psyched in general. Everything went smoothly and it was a great experience doing it at home. Somehow Christy managed to wait till I was done with finals and get him out before Oma and Opa left. Something like a 12 hour window.


Anonymous said...

He's wrapped in the shawl!!
I am sitting here crying my eyes out.

What a beautiful family.

You cannot imagine how much I love
you all.

kim said...

i am so excited for you guys, kerry has kept me posted on everything and i am happy everything worked out the way you planned and im jealous of the at home/tub delivery! i almost named ian liam.. but i didnt obviously. haha. congrats!

Tony said...


amanda said...

Congrats! Much love

aubryd said...

CONGRATULATIONS! i've been checking your blog incessantly waiting for the news that the little guy arrived.
you guys are such a cute family.

Anonymous said...

congratualations! i'm so happy for you guys!!
this is jill.

Anonymous said...

congrats! he's perfect. i want to hold him so bad...wish i could just fly out there...
(it's lisa)

Megan said...


Welcome, Liam!
Christy, I cannot wait to meet all your boys. Take care, we'll talk soon.