Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still Sleepy

Since Dan has gone back to work, Halen has not been napping. Some days I manage to get him down, but usually it's an impossible feat while also tending to Liam. Both of these boys are accustomed to lots of mommy attention and need it to go to sleep. Nap time has turned into movie time. I bet I've seen Dumbo more times than any of you! It's Halen's new favorite. Liam is already growing up, staying awake longer, and reacting to noises and such. Well, it's not exactly growing up, but knowing that he is the last baby we're having makes all these little things seem more important. I'm posting a pic of Halen at about the same age Liam is today, and one of Liam today. I think they're going to look alot alike.

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Perfect angels