Friday, January 04, 2008


Dan had a day off yesterday, so we all went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. We saw an omnimax film on Antarctica. Halen got scared a few times, because it really looked like we were going to get run over by a boat when it first started. Anytime anything came right at us, he'd bury his face. Then we went to the 'From Penguins to Polar Bears" exhibit, where Halen got to climb in a bear den and slide like a penguin. He didn't learn a whole lot, but he sure had fun. I learned something. I learned that Polar Bears are the biggest bears, bigger than grizzlies even. I always thought grizzlies were the big dogs of the bear community.
The most surprising part of the science museum, to me, was the cafe. The soup of the day, right there on the menu, was 'Vegan Split Pea.' The chef's special was stir fried tofu and veggies. The permanent menu had both a garden and black bean burger. The salads looked fresh and delicious, and weren't just iceberg lettuce. They had a roasted veggie sandwich and a portabella sandwich. The mexican bar was full of options as well. Vegans don't go hungry in Portland, even where you don't expect to have good food choices. After all those yummy options, we didn't eat there. We had plans to eat at a vegetarian indian cart downtown. After playing in the science playground for awhile, we headed out. The Indian Cart was superb. The food was delicious, plentiful, and cheap. It's just a truck with a kitchen inside, but the menu was very extensive. Halen even got a vegan mango lassi! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Portland!

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