Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sled Day...Sorta

We headed out yesterday to find this great sledding spot near Mt. Hood. We checked the road report and it said, 'packed snow, snow chains required.' We decided we'd be adventurous southerners, and got some snow chains. We made it to the packed snow and were feeling a little nervous. I told Dan that if at any point, he wasn't feeling safe, that we should just turn around. He was driving, so I was going to leave it up to him. We pulled over and he put on the snow chains. Then we proceeded. The roads quickly turned to this...

After about ten miles, I was beyond freaked out. I was unsuccessfully trying to keep my cool. We never did any skidding around or sliding about, but there was sooooo much snow and the roads were narrow and curvy, with cliffs and drop offs to the sides. Finally, Dan said, 'I think we should turn around.' I was so happy. I then had to endure the driving back part and the feelings of guilt for hyping up a day of sledding to Halen. We decided to try to find a small roadside park where he could at least play in the snow. We found one that even had a little hill. He got to slide down a mini hill and throw some snowballs. We finished the day off in the adorable little town of Hood River, eating at Mother's Market Vegetarian (all vegan) Deli. We had some yummy vegan pizza and Lentil Soup. Then we had a yummy raw foods dessert of frozen pureed banana with maple syrup and nuts on top. To counteract the 'good for us' dessert, we also shared a vegan root beer float. Tofurkey is based in Hood River. The whole town smells like vegan Thanksgiving. It was pretty cool. We're going to try again soon, but on a day that the snow isn't falling so hard and the roads aren't so scary for us southerners.

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