Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We took a whirlwind trip to Atlanta, to watch a couple of beautiful people get married! Congrats to Lisa and Patrick. Halen is past the age where he can ride in a lap, so the three tickets really broke the bank, even though they were red eyes. Sorry Atlanta, but I think we're not flying ever again, unless other people are paying for it. It was a good time. On top of all the people that live there, some of my family came from out of town to meet little Liam. Atlanta is closer to everyone than Portland. We really had to do some time juggling. No one slept enough or ate right. Halen got sick on the plane ride down, a nasty cold AND pink eye, in BOTH eyes. Yuck. I have no memory of ever having pink eye myself. It was a new experience for me. My sis-in-law had some antibiotic left over from when her son had it. I put a drop of that in each eye, once. I'm not a fan of antibiotics, and I remembered reading that breastmilk can cure pink eye, as well as ear infections and such. Amazing stuff, breast milk. Some Australians just discovered that breastmilk has stemcells . Anyway, I did do the antibiotic just because I was desperate to get something started working on those goopy eyes and I was in the midst of oodles and oodles of family members. Later that night, before bed, I squirted some milk into a cup and poured it into his eyes. In the morning, there was half as much goop as the morning before. Another dose of breastmilk and it was gone that day. I wish I hadn't used the antiobiotic at all, because now I'm not sure what really worked. I guess it was a combination of both. Halen got to play with (and spread pink eye to) his BFF Connor. They hadn't seen each other in 6 months, practically 1/4 of their lives, and they went right to playing (and fighting, "mine mine mine") like they'd seen each other the day before.
The wedding was fun and 100% vegan, so lots of yummy food and cake, with no boundaries. We left Halen with my family because we thought he was too sick to have fun. Liam came with us cause that boy has never had a bottle and I kinda like it that way. We missed Halen once we got there and really wished we had brought him. He would have really cut the rug. That boy can dance! The next night I got to spend with all my lovely lady friends. Halen fell asleep on the couch amongst them and then woke up to the part where we were having fruit and chocolate fondue. Skip the tempeh and the spinach and all that junk, wake me up when there's hot dripping chocolate (not to mention beautiful women to feed it to me).
It was great to see everyone. I didn't take hardly any pictures. I can't believe I didn't get any of my boys with their cousins. By the end of the week, we were really exhausted and ready to come home. Despite the fact that we were all a little sniffly, running on zero sleep, and not leaving Atlanta till 9:40pm, the boys were angels on the planes.
Also, in Atlanta, on March 27th, Liam rolled over. He rolled over from his back to his belly. His first rollover was witnessed by much of the family. It was quite the spectacle, something that seems so small to us two leg walkers, really was a big big day for Liam. He now rolls over all the time. He hasn't figured out how to roll back over yet and he's kinda pissed about it. He just turned 4 months and it's the first thing in those 4 months that he's felt is worth a good cry. He'll get it soon. I'll keep you posted.

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