Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How Vegan Atheists Spend Easter Sunday

For most of my adult life, holidays like Easter were just annoying. It usually ended up being the day I set aside to do a bunch of grocery shopping. Then, of course, I'd get to the store and it'd be closed. Thanks Jesus. Then there's the lack of vegan chocolate bunnies; and pastel colored hard boiled eggs gross me out. Then I had kids. All the sudden, any holiday and every holiday is a good reason to have fun with and spoil my children. This year, I found organic chocolate bunnies and the perfect alternative easter egg hunt. Our Vegan Meetup group planned a get together at The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary . It's a rescued farm animal sanctuary. They hid plastic eggs with animal feed in them. The kids would fill their baskets with eggs, then go open them to find carrots, apples, and oats to feed the animals with. Halen had a blast. He and his friend Cora were walking around holding hands. She even told him she loved him. It pulled my mommy heart strings.
Halen is too smart for the easter bunny gag. I set up a decorative easter gift basket pile on the kitchen table, surrounded by jelly belly jelly beans. When we got up, I told Halen that I thought I heard the easter bunny and that we should go see if he left anything. When we got to the table, he was real excited to see the basket. He promptly ate some jelly beans (more sugar than he'd had in his life) before breakfast. Then he said, "look what mommy did." We told him that it was the easter bunny. He insisted that it was me. Smart boy, a skeptic, like his parents.

That donkey tried to eat my baby!

Sorry I'm so behind on blogs. We've been out of town. I'll try and catch up soon.


amanda said...

Whoops.,I meant to say what a great idea and you are the cutest family ever. You make me want to have kids.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Christy! Can't wait to see how Halen reacts to Santa Claus. And thanks for your note--I hope my boobs to turn me into a superhero too. --Beth

Anonymous said...

Eggs from the farm sanctuary are as good as vegan....right?

Anonymous said...

this post made me laugh. wish we could have seen more of you while you were in town. it was nice meeting little liam though!


christy said...

Atlanta was a whirlwind. I don't think we'll ever be able to visit there and see any one person as much as we would want to. Did anyone get a picture of Tony holding up the beer? That was classic. Hope to see you guys visiting Portland one day, you're welcome anytime.