Friday, June 20, 2008

Oaks Amusement Park

We went to the country's oldest permanent amusement park, down by the Willamette. Halen LOVED it. He wanted to ride everything. He looked terrified on the rollercoaster, but when he got off, he said he loved it. He wanted to go again.
Lewis and Clark ride, look out for the bears!

Holding on to the bar and Daddy (who he has taken to calling Dan most of the time, pretty funny).

This "rocket" was his favorite. For some reason, these rides had plastic guns attached to the front. Halen's never seen anything gun oriented, so he had his gun turned as sideways as he could get it, with one hand on the butt and the other on the barrel. He was steering with it, and the trigger made a shooting noise that he called "the horn." Hooray for non-violence.

Liam didn't get to ride in anything, but my handydandy new baby carrier. I made this one and I'm pretty proud of myself.

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