Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strawberry Time

Halen's friend Ida turned 4 a few days ago! Her birthday was at Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island. We got to do a hay ride and pick strawberries. Before we started picking, I told Halen not to pick the green ones, just the red ones. He then picked and ate tons of berries. Everytime he ran into someone else picking, he'd be sure and tell them to only pick the red ones, not the green ones. He told about 20 people. It was real cute. Ida's family is vegetarian, but not vegan. They were vegan back in the day, so they're very vegan friendly and vegan aware. Gigi, Ida's mom, informed me ahead of time that the cake would not be vegan. This was Halen's first non-vegan birthday party and I was a little nervous. I brought along some cookies to give him when the cake started getting passed around. He said he wanted cake too, but was totally okay with the cookie exchange instead. It was hard to say no though. If I hadn't brought those cookies, would I have caved in and let him eat the cupcake? I guess I just need to always bring an alternative, till he's old enough to make his own choices.
There were a couple of other babies there too and it was real cute watching them "parallel play."
All photos are from Ben and Gigi, since dummy me forgot my camera.

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