Sunday, May 17, 2009

14 great iPhotos

The other night we went for a walk after dinner. As we were walking
by this little creek that runs through the neighborhood, we spotted a
couple of beavers! We watched them swim around awhile. Halen was
real excited, well, we all were. The next day we went to our weekly
"story and a stroll" at the state park that's just 15 minutes from
our house. The ranger reads a story in the nature center and then we
head out for a short hike to explore. Amazingly, that day's story
was all about tails and the featured animal was Beavers. Halen got
to tell everyone that he saw two beavers the night before and was
real excited. After the story, they made these beaver tails that
make a smacking noise, like the noise the beavers make on the water
to warn other beavers of danger.
Yesterday, we went out for a great hike along the Salmon River. The
weather and the scenery were both amazing. We LOVE Oregon!


Jill said...

this pictures make me even more excited about having a little boy soon! yay!

Jill said...

grr... these pictures. duh.

xtimx said...

i hope that oregon loves you guys back, because here in atlanta mr. miller and myself miss you guys terribly. ive only seen you guys once since your wedding, but i think about you guys all the time. christy, tell daniel i miss him.

christy said...

Come out and visit anytime dude!