Monday, November 09, 2009

The Gray Blanket Is Back

Fall is here and the trees are beautiful! The gray clouds are starting to form and seem to stay longer and longer as each week goes by. Maybe I'll be indoors enough now to actual update the blog every once in awhile! Summers here are just too wonderful to be inside blogging. We went on some amazing hikes, an awesome camping roadtrip, and just had an all around amazing summer. Dan climbed Mt. Adams. I climbed Mt. St. Helens. Halen and Liam went on their first backpacking trip. Halen is a crazy good hiker, trekking up to four miles with no problem! He's only 3! Next year, he'll be leaving us in the dust.

The boys on their first backpacking trip!

Me at the summit of Mt. St. HelensTubing with Halen in ArkansasRedwood Forest!My favorite spot of the summer, Lassen Volcanic National Park!Crater Lake!Cathedral Tree in Astoria, ORPlaying in the Sandy River


Anonymous said...

yay pics are back

I miss you guys - give the boy a hug for me.

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