Saturday, July 21, 2007

Half Way There

I am 20 weeks pregnant today! That's half way. Halen was 3 days earlier than the 40 week gestation period though, so this one will probably be a bit early too. The second usually follows the first one's schedule, or is even sooner. I'm hoping for even sooner!

We're busy busy busy over here. We're packing up everything in our pods. Halen is being 'very helpful' and unpacking everything for us. He really will be helpful at the new house, now it's nearly impossible to do anything while he's awake.

We had a small incident with my dresser yesterday. It somersaulted off the front deck and landed on it's head. It was pretty funny. I'm just glad it didn't land on Dan, or the kitty. Nobody knows exactly how it happened. It's kinda broken now. I'm just glad we have one less thing to pack and unpack. I can't believe Dan and I fit everything we owned into the back of our volvo station wagon just a few years ago.

Halen is asleep now, so we need to pack some more and clean. We have a house showing scheduled today, then a going away party. See ya there.

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