Saturday, July 07, 2007

Missing Daddy

Dan is in Portland, doublewide hunting. We're going to be living in class baby. He's found one that we think we're going to put an offer on. The problem with most trailer parks in the Portland area is the dumb dog restrictions. Most of the ones that do allow dogs, want them to be less than 20 pounds!!! Who wants a dog that weighs less than 20 pounds? One realtor actually said to Dan, "if you want to get rid of the dog, you'd have alot more options." Get rid of Bruce? I'd cut off my toes first you crazy lady! So, we're looking in one of the only dog friendly parks in the area, but it also happens to be one of the more quiet family oriented ones, so it's perfect! There's actually a neighborhood pool and clubhouse. Even better is the trail to the river that runs right next to the park, where there's a little beach area. I looked at it on google's satellite map. I wish someone would buy our house here. I'm getting nervous about paying for both places.
Halen misses Dan like crazy. So do I. Halen keeps going around the house looking for him. When he hears somebody drive by outside, he perks up and says, "daddy? Dan? Daddy?" He keeps waiting for him to walk in that door. His new thing is to call Dan by his name now. It's real cute. He says it the way I do, in the funny sing song multiple syllabled way.
Halen went with me yesterday to my midwife appointment. It was my last appointment here in Atlanta. We'll be gone in a month. The midwife said that my uterus had grown substantially since the last appointment. Size-wise, I'm more like 20 weeks. I'm 18 today. She said that means it's either twins or another big baby. Either way, I'll be happy. I guess we'll see at my ultra sound appointment.
I'm going to fish for some cute pictures to put up now.
The pictures I decided on are of Halen eating his first taco bell burrito. We stopped on our way home from Mississippi. he really liked it!!! That was all I wanted to eat when I was pregnant with him. Now the idea of taco bell makes me sick. I wanted it the first trimester some, but now I'm totally over it. Last time, I wanted it all along.

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I miss you too