Monday, July 30, 2007

On Our Way!

Here is Bruce guarding our door at the economy inn.

Peak A Boo

Taking a walk down my grandparents old driveway in the country. Now they're in the city in a condo, but I had to visit this place where I've been coming since 4 days after I was born.

We didn't leave Atlanta until Friday night, around 5:30. The pods where incredibly packed. I'll take pictures when we get them. I don't think anything will move around, there's no room. We had to get rid of a little bit of stuff, but not too much. We did really good with those 3 small pods. I think Dan deserves a packer's prize.
We stayed just east of Memphis the first night, at the economy inn. It was definetely economy, dirty, and stinky. We all slept pretty good anyway. Bruce was a little amped up the whole time, growling at late night arrivals out the window. The next morning we stopped at Otherland's Coffee House in Memphis TN. I found it on It wasn't the greatest spot in the world, but the bagel with toffuti cream cheese was pretty cool. Dan's vegan burrito turned out to be a frozen Amy's burrito. Haha. Dan's Mocha was real good and the outside deck was pet friendly, so it really was a nice little stop. We then headed on to Arkansas, where my grandparents live. About 45 minutes from my grandparents house, we stopped at a nice health food store and got some food to eat. It was here that Halen decided to have a massive diaper blowout. There was shit on his shoes! It was quite the mess. We took care of that and made our last leg of the trip to the grandparents. Halen has been real sweet and cute with them. We head out of here tomorrow.
Halen and Bruce have both been super troopers in the car. I am glad Halen has the dvd player. I read him lots of books from the front seat too. There haven't been any crying fits though, which is amazing for the amount of time we've spend cooped up in that car. There's so much more to go too!!!!
Okay, now for some picture updates.
It's taking forever to upload the pictures! If it doesn't work, I'll do it later when we have a faster connection.

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