Friday, August 31, 2007

#1 Playmate

The picture quality probably isn't too good, cause it's a phone pic, but I had to share this picture of Halen and Bruce playing together at the playground. Usually, I tie Bruce to the bench and he lies there whining the whole time Halen runs around playing. Today, I decided that I'd let him play too. There where no other kids and the playground is fenced on 3 sides. I figured I could keep him nearby. He had a blast. He went down every slide and jumped off every ledge, over and over again. He didn't try the monkey bars, but I'll work on it with him next time. Halen loved having Bruce follow him around up there.
We're still negotiating on paper, but have come to an informal agreement as far as the house goes. Now they just have to sign something and we'll be under contract. Hopefully the inspection will go well and there won't be a long laundry list of repairs that they want done. There's another couple interested, so maybe they'll make an offer before this one goes under contract. Wishful thinking, but it could happen.
Halen and I went blueberry and flower picking at a u-pick farm yesterday. His friend Ida and my friend Gigi brought us there. I brought the camera and didn't take a single picture. I guess I just wasn't thinking. It was pretty cool though. The farm is on Sauvie Island, which is a big island in the middle of the Columbia River. It's late in the season for blueberries, so they where small and picked over, but still delicious. Halen ate more right off the bushes than we got into the basket. Today he had tons of blueberries in his poop. There where many different flowers to choose from. We got to fill a whole 5 gallon bucket. There are flower arrangements all over the house now. It looks and smells nice.
REI called today to offer Dan a job. Yahoo. Things are going good. I wish I was asleep, napping with Halen right now, instead of blogging, but that would be too close to heaven. Oh well. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

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