Sunday, August 19, 2007


We went downtown yesterday to meet up with one of my old college roommates and his family. Ben and I where part of the BRC, or Baltimore Rowdy Crew, together. Good times! Now we're both married with one kid here and another on the way, all grown up and shit. I was excited to meet his wife. She's super sweet and just a couple months behind me on her pregnancy. They're a vegetarian family too. Ida Rose is their 3 year old daughter. She and Halen got along marvelously. There will definitely be more good times to be had with them.
Today we went to Burgerville. It's a local fast food chain that serves all local foods, including the original garden burger and the spicy black bean gardenburger. The black bean burger is vegan. We all enjoyed some french fries, burgers, and apple slices. We where hoping there'd be a play ground, but it wasn't so. Maybe a different location will have one. We recently heard about a vegan ice cream shop that we will be finding very soon. They even have soft serve. Yummy!

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