Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thar She Blows

My pops, sis, Halen, and I went whale watching yesterday. We went out on the Tacklebuster Chartered Whale Watching boat and saw us a resident gray whale. Her name was Bubbles. She was feeding directly off the coast. You could see her from the shore as well. We also saw some sea lions and beautiful scenery. The little town of Depoe Bay, OR is quite the sight. It had a pirate's restaraunt with a boca burger on the menu. We didn't eat there though, we ate Mexican food. The restaraunt was up on a cliff overlooking the water. You could see Bubbles come up and blow from her spout, while enjoying your food. It was pretty amazing. I can't wait till it's migrating season and you can see a whole bunch of whales at once. Halen was totally into it. Everytime she surfaced, she'd blow from her spout, so Halen could always spot her and would get real excited, clap, wave, and yell "hi whale, hi bubbles." When she'd go back down, he'd ask where she went. Then he'd just stare off the side of the boat, waiting patiently for her next appearance.
My father left this morning. Dan's at work. Bruce is sleeping. Halen is snacking on some dry cereal. Tons of unpacked boxes are staring back at me from where I sit, but I am blogging. We finally got our own internet connection and it's so much faster than stealing wireless from the neighbors.
utoh, the pictures where unable to load. I'll try again.

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