Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vegan Waffles

And not the of the frozen variety! We heard about some vegan waffles at flavour spot on my new favorite Portland vegan food review blog, stumptown vegan . I've mentioned it before. It's just such a good sight, with good information and good pictures. I didn't bring my own camera out on this particular day, so you'll have to check out stumptown's pics. Dan had a maple and jam waffle. I had a maple soysage waffle, the perfect blend of sweet and savory. These wonderful creations come from a food cart. Portland's food cart phenomenon is amazing. More cities need to get on this. The overhead is low, so they keep their prices down. Portland has several all vegetarian and even an all vegan food cart (that one is only open in the summer, so we haven't been yet). These are things I would normally associate with all beef hot dogs, but not here. Everybody gets into starting their own businesses, even the poor young veg heads. We also frequent the India Chaat House's vegetarian indian food cart, with some of the best indian food ever!
After waffles, we headed to Rooster Rock State Park , to let Bruce have some running around. The off leash area here is huge and there were tons of friendly dogs with their friendly people. We saw 3 garder snakes. Halen was real excited about that, more than he was about the deers. I guess we're always playing up how scary snakes are, so this was a little more exciting to a young boy, the scary factor! The wind along the Columbia River Gorge is outrageous! Hood River, a little way up the river, is the windsurfing capitol of the world! Kite boarding has also become really popular here. My brother has a kite board. I want him to bring it here when he visits, so we can go here to where the wind never stops. I want to bring Halen and some kites to this dog park.
You'd think the day would stop there, as we were all pretty pooped, but we had more to do. We came home, ate lunch, printed directions to the vegan family play date, and headed out again. We told Halen he had to sleep in the car. He did. He can be so accommodating at times. We met some more vegan families. Halen played well with the other children. It was an all around good day.
By the way, I have a terrible case of tendonitis in my right wrist. Just mentioning it because it's killing me as I type and I need a little sympathy. It's from lifting my beefy children. I had it for months after Halen was born. Now it's come again. I need a chiropractor.


corrie said...

noooooo take care of yourself. treat yourself to a baby sitter and go get a massage or something. I will send you the money.

christy said...

Is that why you asked for my address? You're going to send me money? You're such a mom. Speaking of 'mom things to do,' I really gotta tell you about that dream you were in. It's kinda weird.